Manufacturers & Distributors

Manufacturers and distributors are often faced with many challenges

The value of the dollar, rising costs of employee benefits, increased expenses for raw materials and transportation costs as well as increased competition from abroad are among a few of the issues that manufacturers and distributors must manage to remain successful. Our team of experts understands the challenges that manufacturers and distributors must overcome and we work closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

The qualified domestic production activity deduction, research and development credit, and capital stock tax manufacturing exemption are among a few of the tax planning strategies that may be implemented in order to reduce the tax burden of manufacturers and distributors.

The services we provide to manufacturers and distributors include:

Professional Service Firms

The greatest assets within a professional service firm usually consist of the talent employed and the established relationships held by the entity

While the organization concentrates on providing quality service to its clients, it must also focus its attention to recruiting, retaining and managing its personnel. Compensation and employee benefits are usually the firm's most significant expense.

As a professional service firm ourselves, we understand the issues faced by other professional service firms such law practices, medical practices, staffing and placement agencies, and engineering and architectural firms.

The services we provide to professional service firms include:

Real Estate & Construction

The real estate and construction industries are often faced with unique challenges and must compete in a cyclical environment

These entities are subject to specialized accounting principles and also have various tax strategies available to them. We have a long, rich history working with real estate and construction developers and managers. We are constantly vigilant to changes in the tax laws since many real estate projects are tax driven. We understand that each and every client’s situation is unique, however, and that to achieve their objectives solutions must be tailored to their specific needs.

Some of the real estate and construction sectors that we service include:

The services we provide to the real estate and construction industries include:

Healthcare Industry

Most organizations in the healthcare industry are under great pressure to provide quality care to their patients while controlling escalating costs, enhancing efficiency of operations, and creating incentives to attract and maintain quality personnel

They must operate in a heavily regulated environment in which changes in policies could have a significant impact on the organization. Capturing all third party reimbursement is of critical importance and begins with accurate clinical assessments and cost accounting.

Beucler, Kelly & Irwin, Ltd. has the experience and knowledge to assist your organization navigate the regulations and accounting issues faced within the healthcare industry.

The services we provide to healthcare providers and fiscal intermediaries include:

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Not-for-Profit organizations face unique challenges from many fronts

increasing competition for funding dollars, increasing overhead costs, and increasing regulation and scrutiny. Management must address these issues while under the microscope of various stakeholders. The commitment of those individuals who dedicate their time and efforts to their organization is testament to their belief in their missions and their ability to succeed. One key component of success is partnering with a public accounting firm that understands the culture and challenges faced by not-for-profit entities.

Beucler, Kelly & Irwin, Ltd. has been providing services to not-for-profit organizations of all sizes since our inception and has developed a team of professionals who can guide your organization through the compliance requirements while determining if there are more efficient and effective solutions to achieving the organization's mission.

Our client base in the not-for-profit sector includes:

The services we provide to the not-for-profit sector include:

Employee Benefit Plans

Although the need for an audit is a regulatory obligation for employee benefit plans, we consider the performance of an audit to be more comprehensive than a compliance engagement.

We believe that an audit provides an important accountability mechanism that will assist plan administrators in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities and we strive to keep our clients informed of new legislative and regulatory developments that affect qualified plans. Over the past several years, the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have issued new requirements that expand the reporting requirements and enforcement activities as well as increased monitoring of the quality of a plan’s financial statements. Under such a highly regulated and rapidly changing environment, it is important to select an auditor with experience and expertise specifically related to employee benefit plans.

We are proud to be members of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center (EBPAQC) and believe that the benefits of this membership demonstrate our commitment to producing a quality employee benefit plan audit. The EBPAQC is a firm-based voluntary membership center designed to help CPAs meet the challenges of performing quality ERISA audits. As a member of the EBPAQC, our firm has access to various resources to provide us with timely communication of regulatory developments and technical updates.

Our audit team is staffed with professionals who possess a strong technical background in the intricacies of benefit plan audit requirements. We work closely with the plan sponsor, the plan administrator, and other service providers of the plan and conduct our audits in an efficient manner with minimal disruption of your personnel.

Our services for employee benefit plans include: